Casino Enterprise Management: DreamCatcher Hotels - Luxury, Affordably

September 28th, 2012

by Amanda Huggett

If you’re a casino operator with half the budget of larger operations, that doesn’t mean you should get half the product! This was the thought behind a new innovation in the hospitality and resort industry, dubbed DreamCatcher Hotels. Delivering a “3-4-5 punch,”—meaning the value of a three-star hotel featuring a four-star guest experience and five-star amenities—this is truly an innovation for the hospitality industry.

DreamCatcher Hotels is an outgrowth of architecture firm Hnedak Bobo Group, headed by its namesakes Greg Hnedak and Kirk Bobo. During the height of the recession, Hnedak launched DreamCatcher Hotels to challenge the norms of the industry and proactively help his clients get building again. And so he set out to deliver the highest perceived value to the guest, while providing the lowest development cost to the owner. His concept for a select-service hotel brand and one-stop shop for tribal casinos addresses the market head-on with a cost-effective, quality, turnkey solution.

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