Hotel Business Design: The Total Package

January 16th, 2013

By Stefani C. O'Connor

"Do-it-all" DreamCatcher Hotels debuts its first of three properties, turning founder Greg Hnedak's vision into a reality. 

For almost 35 years, Gregory Hnedak has been immersed in the design world, his eyes keenly focused on the shifts and changes occurring in hospitality, intent on meeting the needs of its movers and shakers, and their constituents, the guests. 

That, of course, would make sense for the co-founder (with L. Kirkpatrick Bobo) of the Memphis, TN-based architectural design firm now known as Hnedak Bobo Group, Inc., sitting as it was in the long shadow cast and still felt by such seminal lodging institutions as Holiday Inn and Promus Hotel Corp. 

And although the "green sign" long ago moved to Atlanta, and Promus -- with its DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites brands -- merged into Hilton Worldwide, Hnedak hasn't lost any of his vision as to what works well, or doesn't, when it comes to hotels. 

What wasn't working four years ago from most anyone's perspective was the economy and, from Hnedak's point of view, the implications, if not dire, were just not good: fewer renovations, less new hotel supply, design projects that were busting their budgets. It gave most designer nightmares. 

The situation also got Hnedak dreaming, but his imagination saw a lighter, more positive solution and, out of the monetary morass, emerged as a separate company, DreamCatcher Hotels. 

Designed to be a turnkey solution for owners -- from putting up the walls to providing the mints on the pillow -- the DreamCatcher premise is to present a "four-star guest experience with five-star amenities at a three-star price" for the end-user, and costs-per-key below traditional development and virtually no headaches for the hotelier. 

And this past summer, the dream became a reality. (Full article online, subscription required) 

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