Upgrade the experience at your current hotel.

When you partner with DreamCatcher for hotel renovation, you'll not only breathe new life into your business by providing an exceptional guest experience, but also have the certainty of fixed-price bids that help you maximize your return on investment.


We oversee the entire renovation process in order to ensure that architects, designers, and contractors precisely execute the proven DreamCatcher brand.


Upgrades to the facade and porte cochere modernize your hotel's appearance and help attract more guests before they set foot on your property.


We work with hotel owners to reimagine common areas to deliver a comfortable, welcoming experience to guests from the moment they arrive.


Our team of award-winning landscape designers make sure your hotel's surroundings are just as beautiful and compelling as the inside.

The DreamCatcher Difference

Traditional hotel development burdens the hotel owner with complex decisions that not only add stress and uncertainty to the project, but eventually—inevitably—diminish the quality of the guest experience.

DreamCatcher not only brings transparency and predictability to this process, but also controls bidding, negotiation, hiring, and construction to ensure that the rooms that are not only design, but actually built to live up to AAA Four Diamond expectations when the first guest arrives.

Thousands of careful details make an amazing guest experience

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