Travis O'Neil - General Manager - Angel of the Winds Casino and Hotel
"It’s hard to find a great hotel development partner. We have. The value we get through DreamCatcher Hotels’ turnkey model is unmatched. Before we paid one cent, we were able to fully envision Angel of the Winds Hotel — not just in drawings, not just in blueprints. DreamCatcher showed us the real deal by hosting us at Seven Clans Hotel, another DreamCatcher property, where we experienced every aspect of what we would get before we signed our contract. "
Conrad Granito - General Manager - Coushatta Casino Resort
"As a turnkey project, DreamCatcher Hotels has been all things to us — they brought everything to the table from purchasing to construction — top to bottom. They basically handed us a set of keys to a finished hotel.The package includes all the best branded products in the industry at a price that we honestly couldn’t believe. But seeing is believing! DreamCatcher not only met their guaranteed price, but they exceeded our expectations with the finished product. Greg and the DreamCatcher team have been supportive beyond measure, making the development of our new ‘dream’ hotel a reality."
Rick Bokum - Senior Vice President - Wells Fargo
"Given today’s economy, project development financing is under greater scrutiny, with increased accountability for funds through the entire design and construction process. The approach DreamCatcher Hotels brought to the Seven Clans Hotel development is a good model for this market. Their approach included an all-in budget. They met their contract without ever touching the contingency. The methodology is innovative and timely, and a smart way to get a project delivered."
Mike Ryan - Director of Sales - Simmons Bedding Company, Hospitality Group
"When Greg Hnedak first approached us with his concept, it was a breath of fresh air since, at the time, the economic ‘sky’ appeared to be falling. Not many aggressive development ideas were being hatched. The innovative DNA of our two companies has been a good fit and the development and implementation of the DreamCatcher Bed has been a big success.  Within weeks of the first installation phase at Coushatta, we were touched by a story of a woman who was traveling with her son. The son had been ill and unable to sleep soundly. After staying at Coushatta and sleeping on the Beautyrest DreamCatcher Bed, she had the first two nights of sound sleep in two years! Needless to say, if just one piece of the DreamCatcher concept can provide this level of guest satisfaction, can you imagine what all the pieces combined can do? "
Don Brennan - LLC/Former Senior Vice President of Development, Nevada Gold Corporation - Pavilion Worldwide Group
"Your room at the Seven Clans Hotel was one of the nicest rooms I’ve stayed in -- in years. And the lobby is just excellent. I was on the hospitality side of the business for 30 years and I know a great hotel when I stay in one."
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